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Our Mission

As a Catholic Health System, rooted in the tradition of the Sisters of the Redeemer, we Care, Comfort, and Heal following the example of Jesus, proclaiming the hope God offers in the midst of human struggle.

Our Vision

Redeemer Health is a community-based, integrated health care delivery, social service delivery, and financing system sponsored by Redeemer Ministries. In a caring and compassionate manner, we create innovative programs and services to enable people to live their lives to the fullest. Through our all-encompassing Health Care, Home Care, and Life Care services, we are here for our community through every stage of life to provide care that knows no bounds.

Our Values

  • Respect — We revere all life as sacred and value each person as one created by God
  • Compassion — We practice empathy towards each other, creating a healing presence in times of pain and struggle.
  • Hospitality — We welcome the stranger, guests, and each other in a friendly and generous manner.
  • Holistic Care — We are attentive and responsive to the needs of the whole person: physical, spiritual, emotional, and social.
  • Collaboration — We work jointly and cooperatively, networking within Holy Redeemer and with other systems and persons.
  • Stewardship — We care for all of creation, human and material, that has been entrusted to us by God.
  • Justice — We treat others at all times with fairness and honesty.

As a Catholic healthcare provider, Redeemer Health expects that all health care practitioners adhere to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services at health system locations. We are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards while promoting our commitment to human dignity and the common good.

A Redeemer Health Declaration

Each of us is an author of a very important book. The title reads our name. The pages mark our days. Our actions are the ink. Our beliefs foretell the ending. It is the unique and important story of our life, and only we determine what is written, what is remembered.

Sometimes the story is clear and powerful with each chapter unfolding as it should. Sometimes the story is blocked and confused, a frustrating blend of seemingly unrelated and unremarkable events. Sometimes it’s a tale of triumph, sometimes a tale of tragedy.

Each of us is the product of our experiences. But with each new day, we receive the gift of a blank page, the excitement of a fresh start, the promise of an ending that is, as yet, unwritten. What expression will we choose? What statement will we make? What story will we draw out?

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